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We are located in Downtown Orangevale next to Orangevale Tire Pro’s. We are a family owned Crossfit Gym. Come on in and see us! Your first class is free!

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My wife and I opened Orange Squeeze CrossFit for the community. We have seen CrossFit change our lives and the lives of many other people. It is an hour work out that is prepared ahead of time and taught by a certified CrossFit Coach. If you are tired of going to the gym and doing the same thing, or simply going to the gym and not knowing what to do, then Orange Squeeze CrossFit is for you!

We can help people lose weight, get stronger, build muscle, lean you out or bulk you up! You can be 13 or 70 years of age; CrossFit is for all ages and levels of fitness!

The idea behind crossFit is to be able to sustain fitness as you go through life! What is sitting down? It’s a squat! What happens if you fall down, can you get up? That’s what we call a burpee! How about carrying groceries? That’s why we do farmer carries! Everything we do in CrossFit, translates to something you do in your every day life!!!

We are happy to help you reach your fitness goals! Come see and try a class for free!

“We are happy to help you reach your fitness goals! Come see and try a class for free! “

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Brian Harrison - Owner & Head Coach

Brian Harrison
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Strongman
CrossFit Powerlifting
“Well for me this is how it started; for years I had a long bout with drug addiction. In 2005 I lost my dad and I accepted Jesus into my heart (busy year) so, I shed all the drugs and partying days. From that point on I started to gain a little weight. Year after year I was putting more on and getting out of shape. So,I stepped into the gym, got in shape and thought I was fit. It wasn’t until 2013 at a party that I ran into friends wearing CrossFit shirts. I asked them about it and was invited to work out the next day. Both my wife, Lia and I went, and it was brutal. The workout was three rounds of heavy deadlifts, push presses, box jumps, and clean and jerks. I actually had no idea what half that stuff was. Needless to say, I couldn’t even finish the workout! So much for being fit– but this was the moment that I became hooked on CrossFit! Five years later, still addicted to CrossFit and much healthier, My wife and I
opened Orange Squeeze CrossFit! The box is still a home away from home and the members all feel like family! I love coaching now more than ever! Inspiring members to be their best and reach their goals is truly what motivates me every day!

Lia Harrison - Owner & Manager

Lia Lovelady-Harrison, CF-L1- Owner
My early years consisted of playing every sport possible! I excelled most of all in Basketball. I played all four years at a Division 1 HS and then played on a Team that went to Sweden and Finland for the summer of 1988. I later went and played two years at Sierra College and decided to stop playing and start a family. I didn’t spend my adult years as fit as I had planned and found myself very over weight and fighting quite a few addictions. My husband and I found CrossFit in 2013 and immediately feel in love with it! I found
CrossFit to be a new way to compete in my older years! On October 10 th of 2018 I had a full hip replacement. I had been in a lot of pain and very to little mobility the two years prior. This new hip has provided me with so much hope to getting back to my overall health and fitness again! In February of 2019 I took and passed the Level 1 CrossFit test! I love seeing the members reach their goal and get new PR’s!!! Coaching is a fun passion of mine as I love to motivate people to be their best!

Daniel Sumida - Level One Crossfit Trainer

Daniel Sumida
OSCF since: 08/2018
CrossFit L1: 06/2018
CrossFiting since 08/2016
Favorite WOD: The Seven
Favorite technique: Squat Clean
Favorite Gymnastic technique: Muscle ups

Dan Hannigan - Level One Crossfit Trainer

Dan found CrossFit in 2015 while living in Monterey, Ca. After two months of being a member at a CrossFit affiliate, he fell in love with the community and the intensity that CrossFit has to offer. Dan received his CrossFit level 1 certificate in 2015 and began coaching in 2016. Dan enjoys coaching people who share his passion in fitness.

Lindsey Fontana - Level One Crossfit Trainer

I was a competitive gymnast for 12 years and became a gymnastics coach once I
decided to not do it anymore.  I received my personal training certification through
NASM over 9 years ago and started up my own bootcamp classes.  Fitness has always
been my passion and I love pushing people and helping them accomplish their goals.  I found CrossFit over four years ago when a friend recommended it; I had no idea what it was even about.  All I know is that I thought I was in great shape before I started CrossFit and I was quickly humbled.  Currently I am in the best shape of my life and CrossFit has made everything in my life better.  Now when I go wakeboarding, snowboarding, hiking, or any activity, it doesn’t phase me as much as it used to due to all the strength and endurance I have gained.  The community and friends that I have made at the gym have probably been one of the best parts about joining.  Everyone is so nice and the coaches push me to be my best.  I feel like I found an amazing second family for which I’m super grateful for.  I’m so happy that Orange Squeeze CrossFit is home and that I get to coach and help others along their journey.

Kylie Carrillo - Level One Crossfit Trainer

When I started doing CrossFit almost six years ago, I fell in love with it immediately! I was hooked on the fact that everyday there was a new challenge for me to face and to PR! I have always been into fitness and sports and think of myself as an athletic person over all. I grew up playing basketball and later started training in Muay Thai for about nine years until I had my two children. Now I find that CrossFit is my new sport and my passion! It keeps me young and gives me the ability to do things with my children while they are still young. Not only did I fall in love with the sport of CrossFit, but also the CrossFit community! There is always
someone at the Box to workout with, who gives you a high five and to give praise for your effort! There is always someone there pushing me to go harder!!! Since becoming a coach, I have been able to see the other side of CrossFit. I can teach others and share
my knowledge and experience which is very rewarding. Seeing another member reach their goals, help them push through their struggles and believe they can do things even when they think they cannot is a great feeling! I plan on being in the CrossFit community and Orange Squeeze CrossFit for a very long time!
-Coach Kyle

Kevin - Level One Crossfit Trainer


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